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Advanced Orthodontics in Rocklin, CA

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Braces have changed a lot in the last 15 years. If you wore braces when you were younger, then you more than likely wore older technology that used elastics to connect the wire to the bracket. You probably remember that the elastics created uncomfortable friction after each appointment. Older technology braces also had other challenges including cleaning issues, discomfort, tooth removal, and longer treatment times. For the most advanced orthodontics in Rocklin, CA, look no further than Dr. Elenberger.

Count on Damon for Your Best, New Smile

The Damon system is a revolutionary option for straightening your teeth with braces. The brackets are smaller, easier to clean, and less fragile. Additionally, the system gives you a healthier smile up to 20% faster than traditional metal braces – with 25% fewer visits! With the Damon braces system, you don’t have to worry about rubber bands snapping or breaking, because there aren’t any rubber bands at all! Instead, the system uses self-locking brackets to hold the wire in place.

Modern Tech For A Modern You

The Damon system utilizes small, jewel-like brackets that are firmly affixed to your teeth with a strong, safe adhesive. The smaller brackets also utilize a locking-door mechanism to hold the wire in place instead of using fragile rubber bands. With smaller brackets and no bands, less of your smile is obstructed, allowing you to smile confidently throughout your treatment.
No bands and smaller brackets also mean less chance of food getting trapped, leading to decay, cavities, and gum disease. So it’s easier to keep your appliance clean and your smile healthier.

Choose Between Metal or Clear Ceramic Brackets

Patients who opt to straighten their teeth with the effective Damon system also have a choice between traditional metal or clear ceramic braces. Damon clear braces do not stain or change color, and their tooth-colored appearance makes them nearly invisible against your teeth. For this reason, Damon clear braces are popular among our older teenagers and adult patients who prefer their braces to be less noticeable.

Smile With the Best with OC Orthodontics

Our Rocklin office offers OC Orthodontics, which uses H4 braces, the latest in braces technology by securing the bracket to the wire using a frictionless sliding door. The good news for you is this leads to faster treatment times, exceptional comfort, and the most beautiful smiles.

The Innovative H4 Design Delivers Exceptional Comfort and Oral Care

H4 braces are designed with smooth rounded corners to create a more comfortable experience. H4 also has a smaller profile and rubber band-less door, which support better hygiene since plaque has less of an opportunity to accumulate.

See the H4 Difference

You can see the H4 difference by comparing the two images here. In the narrow 6-tooth smile, you will notice dark corridors nears the corners of the mouth due to tooth removal. The 12-tooth H4 smile, on the other hand, features a wider, more beautiful smile since healthy teeth were not removed. With H4 braces, Dr. Elenberger can create a smile that’s as unique as the individual.

six vs twelve tooth smile

Other Benefits of OC Orthodontics H4 Braces

  • Treatment times up to 4 months shorter – with the precision of H4, Dr. Elenberger will be able to deliver exceptional results sooner
  • Reduced tooth extractions – H4 braces provide Dr. Elenberger with alternative options to move your teeth
  • Fewer appointments to fit your already busy schedule – the efficient H4 system means that your teeth will move quickly and predictably, so fewer appointments may be needed
  • Reduced need for headgear or palate expanders – the H4 system is meticulously designed to give Dr. Elenberger better control, so additional appliances are essentially a thing of the past

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We’re so confident you’ll love your experience at Elenberger Orthodontics, we back our award-winning orthodontic care with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You read that right! If you are unsatisfied with your experience with us, simply let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right – it’s our promise to you!

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