Dr. J. Elenberger, a key figure at FirstClass Aligners

Dr. J. Elenberger, a key figure at FirstClass Aligners, emphasizes the growing demand for smile tune-ups among adults and parents seeking to realign their teeth alongside their children’s orthodontic treatment. “We are finding more adults and parents looking for a tune-up to align or realign their teeth right along with their kids in treatment. This is always a growing segment of the market we sometimes miss in our own practices,” says Dr. Elenberger. This observation highlights a significant trend in the orthodontic industry and underscores the importance of accessible and affordable treatment options for all age groups.
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Rocklin Orthodontist Among "America's Best"

Orthodontic Specialist Jeffrey Elenberger, DDS has again been selected to the "America's Best Dentists" registry for 2018. Selections were made by the "National Consumer Advisory Board", an organization that identifies top professionals in their fields.

His selection of "Best of the Best" has appeared in the Placer Herald, Loomis News and Sacramento Magazine on numerous occasions. 2018 marks the 25th year Dr. Elenberger has been caring for patients in Rocklin. He is a published author in the Journal of the American Orthodontic Society and noted Authority in the Orthodontic profession.

Doctors were chosen based on an application to access training, experience, continuing education, patient reviews, peer evaluations and evidence of dedication to excellence.
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