6-Month Limited Orthodontics Rocklin

The pros and cons of 6 month smiles

Quick, Convenient Care From Dr Elenberger

Traditional braces are a great and effective way to get the perfect smile. However, you may not want to wear metal braces for a year or longer. In some cases, limited orthodontics can be done to align the front teeth and avoid full braces treatment. This type of orthodontics can be done in as little as 6 months! Our experienced team offers express treatment in Rocklin CA for a quick and convenient way to get the smile you want.
Limited orthodontic treatment

Who Benefits From Express Treatment?

If you just want to improve a specific part of your front teeth quickly and discreetly, 6-month braces may be right for you. They are also less expensive due to the shortened treatment time. Our orthodontists will diagnose your case to determine if you are a candidate for express treatment, which will depend on the specific teeth that need to be aligned and how successful they believe the treatment would be. Using the latest technology available, we focus on improving the teeth that show when you smile. 6-month braces are small, cosmetic braces that are designed with clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. They use low force to move your teeth into the desired position. They’re discreet and no one will even know you are straightening your teeth! Contact us today to see if you’re a candidate for our express braces.
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