The Path to your Future: An Illustrious guide to all things Life

This book is my take on education, formal and not so formal. We look at simple business principles and goal setting, mentorships and things I wish I would have known at a young age. What a difference it would have made with this handy guide.This book is also about two hometown friends that entered college together then take very different paths. I became an orthodontist while my friend left college and worked in the service industry and eventually started a successful carpet cleaning business. So our paths divided, one with a college degree, the other versed in the education of life and work. We both ultimately became entrepreneurs achieving our goals. I offer simple advice on the potential for big results..

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About Dr. Elenberger Beyond the SmileĀ 

Dr. Elenberger is more than just your orthodontist; he's a champion for youth empowerment and a guide on the path to a bright future. While creating beautiful smiles is a passion, his true mission extends far beyond correcting teeth. Dr. Elenberger believes that confidence is the foundation for success in life. He recognizes the transformative power of a smile, but also understands the importance of fostering self-belief and leadership qualities in young people.
More Than Braces:
Dr. Elenberger's approach to orthodontics goes beyond simply straightening teeth. He fosters a positive and supportive environment where his patients feel empowered and confident throughout their treatment.
A Guiding Light:
Dr. Elenberger's passion for youth development extends beyond the walls of his practice. He has authored the insightful book, "The Path to Your Future: An Illustrious Guide to All Things Life." This book serves as a valuable resource for young people, offering guidance on navigating life's challenges, building self-esteem, and unlocking their leadership potential.
Building Leaders, Not Just Fixing Smiles:
Dr. Elenberger's mission is to empower young people to become not only confident individuals with beautiful smiles, but also future leaders who are prepared to shape the world.
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Dr. Elenberger welcomes the opportunity to meet you and discuss your orthodontic needs. Together, you can create a treatment plan that not only transforms your smile but also empowers you to reach your full potential.
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Dr. Elenberger doesn't just tell you what to do, he shows you. Through his own journey and the contrasting experiences of a close friend, "The Path to Your Future" emphasizes the importance of taking action and highlights the value of diverse perspectives. This book is your essential companion for:
  • High school and college students preparing for the next chapter in life.
  • Young adults seeking guidance on education, careers, and personal development.
  • Anyone who wants to take charge and create a fulfilling future.
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