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Welcome to
Elenberger Orthodontics!

A great smile is a life-changer for a lot of reasons. Straight teeth make the bite better, healthier, and longer lasting. Such a dramatic, positive result makes all of us at Elenberger Orthodontics excited to come to work every day. Seeing a patient smile is our ultimate reward.

We go the extra mile for your smile!

  • Dr. Jeffrey Elenberger and our staff have an unbelievable amount of experience in the dental and orthodontic field. We have a combined 86+ years of experience creating beautiful, lasting smiles.
  • We strive to provide and maintain the highest quality of service in a kind and caring manner. We work hard to be the best because our patients deserve the very best.
  • Our treatment is individualized and based upon each patient’s unique needs and desires. We constantly look to exceed everyone’s expectations.
  • Whether you’re interested in traditional metal or clear braces, want to take advantage of the self-ligating technology of In-Ovation®, or prefer the clear convenience of ClearCorrect™ (Invisalign-type) aligners, you can trust that your smile is in great hands!

Don’t let anything stop your smile from being as beautiful as possible. Contact our Rocklin Orthodontic Office and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Elenberger. Start smiling today!

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